History of the Dumpling:

Jiaozi, a Chinese dumpling is a traditional Chinese dish and one of the most widely loved foods in northern China in ancient times. The name “jiaozi” derives from the ancient time-counting method in China when the Chinese people ate dumplings stuffed with meat and vegetables at the junction of the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year. Now, how did our Dumplings ever get from ancient Northern China to your plate?

• It is said that the earliest Dumplings were eaten more than 1800 years ago
• 200 A.D.: the “Medicine Saint” Zhang Zhongjing believed he could warm the body, promote blood flow, and thaw ears by feeding his patients mutton, chili and some warming medicinal herbs wrapped in dough skin.
• 1300 A.D.: Marco Polo explores China and returns to Europe with tales and recipes of Chinese Dumplings.
• 1650 A.D.: The word pierogi first appears in Polish cookbooks and literature, the cousin of Dumplings spreads throughout Europe.
• 1800 A.D.: Chinese immigrants from Canton began settling in California and start to introduce Asian Cuisine to the American Culture.
• 1920 A.D.: Chinese Cuisine becomes popular with young cosmopolitans in North America because it was considered exotic.
• June 2014: Ying and Ching, an Ottawa couple devoted to bringing the best of the East to the West, opened Dumpling Bowl to the existing Bubblicity Tea Shop.

To this day, Dumpling Bowl makes the freshest, handmade Dumplings in Ottawa everyday that never fails to leave stomachs empty! Our mission is to bring the most healthy and delicious dumplings to Ottawa. We hand pick the freshest ingredients from grocers on Somerset street every day. We hand wrap our dumplings to lock in the right amount of flavour and to reach the most desirable shape and chewiness. We hope you enjoy our labour of love!