With well over 30 flavours, Bubble Tea is an iced tea or latte that has brought a whole new meaning to the concept of Chinese tea. The Drink was originally introduced in Taiwan in the 1980’s and has become as ubiquitous in Asia as your typical morning coffee.
So why is it called “Bubble Tea”? Good Question. One explanation is that to make the drink, the juices have to be briskly shaken until a frothy head and bubbles are formed. Another explanation (undoubtedly the most popular one) is that the addition of tapioca pearls gives an appearance of sinking black bubbles in your drink. Tapioca pearls are small gummy balls made from the starch of cassava roots and brown sugar, which brings them to their black colour. The pearls are chewy and sweet, plus they’re high in fibre and full of minerals. To give you an idea of how precious these pearls are, they take an hour an a half to cook and are only good for a mere three hours. Along with our pearls, you can also add coconut jelly to spice up your tea. The jelly comes in 7 different flavours. We recommend the Lychee Jelly, which is our bestseller.